Building Management Committee

A Building Management Committee is typically used when different usage types occur within the same building. It is very complex and involves developments whereby with shared facilities (comment area) that multiple members may have use of.

For example:

  • Commercial and Retail owners aim is to maximise revenue, signage and patronage to their customers to add value to their businesses. Noise is less of an issue than with a residential property.

  • Residential owners aim is to increase lifestyle, reduce noise and manage costs for owners and do not want to be disturbed noise and crowding by shoppers / hotel guests.

  • Hotel owners wish to remove all their operations from the other usage types to drive revenue and amenity for their guests. They are less concerned about noise than residential owners in common areas however suites must have maximum amenity to enhance their user experience.

  • The other critical reason for using a BMC structure is to fairly and accurately allocate costs of any items within the building that service more than one of the component use areas. Some usual examples of this include water, insurance, fire services and lifts.

Managing a Building Management Committee requires a high level of knowledge and expertise as well as understanding the working fundamentals of each type of Building Management Committee.